Jul 15, 2017

The Speedway Show on You Tube

The Speedway Show on you tube (Rolling Thunder TV)

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Posted by: 5h113u

Hi Speedway fans, I have just uploaded the first episode of the Speedway Show on to you tube (Rolling Thunder TV).

This was the show that was broadcast on Foxtel 173 a few months ago. The success of Speedway Media Groups marketing plan depends largly on the market reach of programs such as The speedway Show and the number of people who actually view the program both on Foxtel 173, or on you tube or other platforms.   Given that, I would appreciate feedback on the quality of the picture on a range of different devises including mobiles and in particular, you tube on your smart TV.  Either email me at or send message via facebook or to my mobile 0407 801 513.  I would also appreciate feedback on whether you viewed the original and subsequent programs on FOXTEL 173.


 Ray Solomon

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